HP Officejet 7610 - HP support by phone

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For more information, see HP support by phone on page 97.

If you still encouter the problems, do one of the following support services:

Obtain electronic support

HP support by phone

Obtain electronic support

To find support and warranty information, go to the HP web site at www.hp.com/support. This website

provides information and utilities that can help you correct many common printer problems. If

prompted, select your country/region, and then click Contact HP for information about calling for

technical support.

This web site also offers technical support, drivers, supplies, ordering information and other options

such as:

Access online support pages.

Send HP an email message for answers to your questions.

Connect with an HP technician by using online chat.

Check for HP software updates.

You can also obtain support from the HP software for Windows or Mac OS X, which provide easy,

step-by-step solutions to common printing problems. For more information, see Printer management

tools on page 245.

Support options and availability vary by printer, country/region, and language.

HP support by phone

The phone support numbers and associated costs listed here are those in effect at time of publication

and are applicable only for calls made on a land line. Different rates may apply for mobile phones.


HP support 97

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For the most current HP list of telephone support numbers and call costs information, see


During the warranty period, you may obtain assistance from the HP Customer Care Center.

NOTE: HP does not provide telephone support for Linux printing. All support is provided online at

the following web site: https://launchpad.net/hplip. Click the Ask a question button to begin the

support process.

The HPLIP web site does not provide support for Windows or Mac OS X. If you are using these

operating systems, see www.hp.com/support.

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