HP Officejet 7610 - Set up Web Services using the HP printer software

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Set up Web Services using the HP printer software

If you do not set up Web Services when you installed the HP software on your computer, you can still

use the software to set up Web Services.

To set up Web Services, complete the following steps for your operating system:



Open the HP printer software. For more information, see Open the HP printer software

(Windows) on page 25.


In the window that appears, select Print, Scan & Fax or Print & Scan, and then select ePrint

Setup. The printer's embedded web server opens.


Click the Web Services tab.


In the Web Services Settings section, click Setup, click Continue, and follow the on-screen

instructions to accept the terms of use.


If prompted, choose to allow the printer to check for and install printer updates.

NOTE: If a printer update is available, the printer will download and install the update, and then

restart. You will have to repeat the instructions from step 1 to set up HP ePrint.


If your network uses proxy settings when connecting to the Internet, enter these settings:


Touch Enter Proxy.


Enter the proxy server settings, and then touch Done.


When the printer is connected to the server, the printer prints an information page. Follow the

instructions on the information page to finish the setup.

Mac OS X:

To set up and manage Web Services in Mac OS X, you can use the printer's embedded web

server (EWS). For more information, see Set up Web Services using the embedded web server

on page 83

84 Chapter 6 Web Services