HP Officejet 7610 - Replace the ink cartridges

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Replace the ink cartridges

NOTE: For information on recycling used ink supplies, see HP inkjet supplies recycling program

on page 187.

If you do not already have replacement ink cartridges for the printer, see HP supplies and

accessories on page 202.

NOTE: At this time, some portions of the HP web site are available in English only.

NOTE: Not all cartridges are available in all countries/regions.

CAUTION: HP recommends that you replace any missing cartridges as soon as possible to avoid

print quality issues and possible extra ink usage or damage to the ink system. Never turn off the

printer when ink cartridges are missing.

To replace the ink cartridges

Use these steps to replace the ink cartridges.


Make sure the printer is turned on.


Open the ink cartridge access door.

NOTE: Wait until the print carriage stops moving before proceeding.


Press the front of the ink cartridge to release it, and then remove it from the slot.


Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging.

92 Chapter 7 Work with ink cartridges


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Using the color-coded letters for help, slide the ink cartridge into the empty slot until it is securely

installed in the slot.

Make sure that you insert the ink cartridge into the slot that has the same colored letter as the

color you are installing.


Repeat steps 3 through 5 for each ink cartridge you are replacing.


Close the print-carriage access door.

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